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2016-17 was a season of transition that has helped set the club up for more growth and success as we move forward at the Tartan.  A renewed emphasis on sponsorship and strategic partnerships enabled us to save costs in our operations, generate new revenue from advertising, and fund enhancements at the club, like our locker room renovations.  We also critically assessed our expenses, and were able to find numerous ways to save on staffing and operating costs, such as launching online registration for our club leagues.  The net effect of these changes was that we were able to realize substantial savings, and we are on track to wrap this year up close to break even on a cash basis (before amortization) for the first time in many years.  In addition, the foundation that we have laid down this year has resulted in numerous bookings to keep the club occupied throughout the offseason and will position us to grow our revenue and be profitable next season and beyond.  Overall, the club is in an improved financial position compared to last year, and being debt-free affords us numerous opportunities going forward.

By making it through this past season without having to utilize the club’s reserves to subsidize operations, we are now in a better position to invest in the club as needed going forward.  From a facility perspective, we have potential future upgrades to our brine system and chiller, as well as overdue cosmetic changes like our flooring, which we will look to address through fundraising.  In the kitchen, lounge and ice, we have made changes in the recent year that have all been well received from the feedback that we have so far, but we continue to work with our members and guests to find opportunities to improve our service.  In addition to our recently closed online customer satisfaction survey, we always welcome comments and suggestions as we strive to provide the best experience possible at the Tartan.

Looking to the long-term plan, the Board of Directors of the Tartan Curling Club are working diligently to ensure the longevity of the club, which includes discussion with other sporting associations about the development of a new multi-purpose facility. The Tartan is leading the way to ensure curling in Regina remains viable into the future! More importantly, our members have been an integral part of our club from the day we first opened our doors, and we greatly value your input and support as we continue on this journey.  We want to reassure our members that the Tartan is now as strong as ever, and we look forward to welcoming you back for the 2017-18 season and the exciting things that the future of our club will bring.

Wes Czarnecki, General Manager
On behalf of the Tartan Board of Directors

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